Welcome to the Rotherham muslim community forum

RMCF is committed to:


To undertake projects and partner any initiative in promoting cohesion and helping vulnerable people in society to live their lives free from hate and prejudice.


To hold to account public bodies and elected individuals who fail to carry out their duties and remain silent on issues affecting Muslims and creating fear within communities.


To work with statutory bodies and voluntary organisations in creating a zero tolerance to Hate.


To help access to services and facilities improve their lives, and to be seen and feel as equal citizens of Rotherham.

Services and facilities

Assist and offer independent solutions to issues based on the actual needs of the Muslim community rather than any other factors.


To support strategic policy and direction for the betterment of Rotherham as a town of diverse communities living in harmony, working in an open , honest and sincere environment.

Grassroot led changes for the community by the community

Rotherham  muslim Community Forum is a grassroots organisation borne out of a need, as a result of far rights demonstrations following the publication of the Jay report 2014.
The Muslim community saw unprecednted levels of hate crime, marginalisation through negative media, and a lack of support from  political and statutory agencies through these troubled times.

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